Ha Giang Crimson Tea (50g)

Ha Giang Crimson Tea (50g)

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Hà Giang is the northernmost province in Vietnam, bordering Yunnan province. Although the area shares a border with Yunnan province, it does not directly border the main tea-growing regions of the province, which are located farther west. It is sparsely populated, mostly by ethnic Vietnamese, but with a few ethnic minorities.

The area is mountainous and the climate is subtropical with a strongly seasonal precipitation pattern, wet summers and dry winters. There is considerable climate variation even in the relatively small area made up by this province, owing to the mountains.

Ha Giang has considerable amount of old tea trees, some of which has a character similar to Yunnan teas.

This tea is a fully oxidised and with sweet honey and chocolate notes. Very easy on the palate and perfect for breakfast to pair with breads or cakes.