Honey Limon (Copy)

Honey Limon (Copy)

12.12, All Tea & Coffee, Green Tea, Teachers Day Special, The Hillcart Tales

11.16 SGD 15.94 SGD

14 teabags

Mild and mellow in taste, Honey Limón is infused with the refreshing flavours of lemon and honey. Mildly sweet in taste and luscious in texture, this tea is seamlessly blended to offer an excitingly flavourful refreshing drink. The natural properties of honey make this tea soothing and the zesty flavours of lemon gives this blend a refreshing twist.


Green Tea (92.5%), Natural Honey Flavour (3.75%) & Natural Lemon Flavour (3.75%)

Brewing Directions

Coaster seal rich flavours of muslin bags & contain a message to stir up your day! Pull the gathers to pop open the coaster. Place teabag in cup, pour hot water upto 90 degrees & steep for 03-05 mins. Enjoy the medley flavours!