Honey Scent Classic Alishan Black Tea

Honey Scent Classic Alishan Black Tea

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Picked by hands and drying by the sun, the best taste is preserved by nature. Also, by using the technique of full fermented and light roasting, the honey scent appears. It is neither bitter nor astringent when having the first steep for drinking, the sweetness comes out instead. Meanwhile, tasting the scent of fruit in the mouth is also enjoyable.


Black Tea

Brewing Directions

Hot Brew:
Tea Amount: For tight ball shape tea leaves, please fill the cup/teapot with tea leaves which cover one-fifth of the cup/tea pot. For tight ball shape tea leaves,

Water Temperature: 85-95degree Celsius
Time: First steep: 80 sec, the most aromatic. Second steep: 40 sec, rich flavour. Third steep: Increase 30 sec from third steep on.

Cold Brew:
Tea Amount: Put tea leaves into the bottle which contains 90% water.
100cc water: 2g tea leaves
Water Temperature: Cold or room temperature water
Time: Avoid sunlight and put it indoors or in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

Dlic Tea

Good tea is unforgettable and worthy of re-tasting.
Started to drink tea while little but had no interest. When getting older, suddenly realized that drinking tea is one of happiest thing in daily life and can be enjoyable.
Let us discover the beauty of Taiwan tea.

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