Imperial Earl Grey (Copy)

Imperial Earl Grey (Copy)

12.12, All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Teachers Day Special, The Hillcart Tales

11.94 SGD 17.06 SGD

14 teabags

This beautiful blend of black tea flavoured with fragrant bergamot oil is refreshing with citrus notes and an elegant finish. The peel of the exotic bergamot orange is the unique element that gives Earl Grey, a classic British favourite, its distinctive taste. It is an inspirational blend of black tea with subtle flavours and elegant fragrances that lifts the spirits and satisfies the taste buds.


Black Tea (96%) & Natural Bergamot (4%)

Brewing Directions

Coaster seal rich flavours of muslin bags & contain a message to stir up your day! Pull the gathers to pop open the coaster. Place teabag in cup, pour hot water upto 90 degrees & steep for 03-05 mins. Enjoy the medley flavours!