Kakegawa Japanese Green Tea (Tea Bag for 1-pot)

Kakegawa Japanese Green Tea (Tea Bag for 1-pot)

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Material: tea leaves
Packaging: Aluminum bag
Content: 15tea bag x 5g (75g)
Original Place: Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Shelf Life: 365days
Storage: Avoid high temperature and humid place

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Product Description
Specialty Kakegawa Deep Steamed Tea
Deep steamed tea known in Japanese as “Fukamushi-Cha”
During processing cause tea leaves to lose their leaf shape. That makes this tea appear finer than others. The taste is less astringent and smooth.Catechin a kind of plant polyphenols epigallocatechin gallate and (EGCg). This is the power of the antioxidant element in our body. The benefit of the Catechin is wonderful and the health effect to our body.

Kakegawa in Japan produces much green tea in a year. Deep steamed green tea is the popular drink in Kakagewa.

Japan, this tea is winning 11 years of the local prize because of the quality and reasonable price.

Brewing Directions
Tea bag for 1 -pot make you easy for tea brewing in quickly and enjoy the whole day. Great to enjoy the tea with friends and family or serving guest or person in the office.

Hot Brew –
Use 1 tea bag per 800ml water. Pour on boiling water (70C to 80C) and brew for 2-minutes

Cold Brew –
Use 1 tea bag per 1L water. Pour in room temperature water and keep to fridge for 2-3 hour. Take out and shake it ready to serve.