L'eau Chinoise

L’eau Chinoise

Gryphon Tea Company All Tea & Coffee, Oolong

26.64 SGD

15 Pyramid Sachets

We set sail to the northern province of China to tingle your taste buds with L’eau Chinoise, a tea inspired by Sichuan peppercorn. Famous for its numbing and spicy flavor, the ingredient is commonly found in mala hotpot, a popular Sichuan dish. China boasts one of the world’s greatest cuisine, and L’eau Chinoise serves up the unique flavours that Sichuan cuisine offers. Coupled with China’s extensive history of tea drinking, the blend is a celebration of Chinese culture.


Oolong Tea, Bamboo Leaves, Lemon Peel, Sichuan Pepper, White Pepper, Coriander Seed, Anise, Pomegranate Flowers, Flavourings

Brewing Directions

Steep 1 sachet for 200ml of water.

Brewing Temperature: 90°C

Brewing Time: 5 minutes

Gryphon Tea Company

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Gryphon® Tea Company was founded with a mission to make high-quality teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new taste experiences. Each tea blend is crafted with exotic and experimental ingredients to bring out a unique and flavourful pedigree. Since its launch in 2006, the company quickly gained a following for its signature collection, The Artisan Selection.

Inspired by the success of its Artisan Selection, the company launched its Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling Teas in 2017. A first in Singapore, the teas are carefully cold brewed using award-winning Artisan Selection teas and are lightly sparkling with real fruit juices added.

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