Light of Tea series - Abundance trio

Light of Tea series – Abundance trio

All Tea & Coffee, Green Tea, Jing Sheng Yu, Oolong

72.00 SGD

12 Tea bags x 3 flavours

Inspired by abstract expressionist artist, Mark Rothko, the “Light of Tea” series is created with a keen focus on the quality and hue of the tea liquor, featuring only the best of our collection.

Refreshing Alishan Oolong – With an elegant floral fragrance and a smooth sweet flavour, let the premium taste of tea delight your tastebuds in every sip

Tie Guanyin – Featuring heavily roasted whole tea leaves, the roasted flavour of this tea is strong yet comforting, tinged with an alluring note of honey

Honeyed Concubine – A tea that is most similar to the Oriental Beauty Tea but with a more vivid lychee zing, giving it a fruity aftertaste that leaves you wanting more

Brewing Directions

Step1. Tea set – Prepare one large and one small teapot. The amount of tea leaves depends on the capacity of the small pot. Lay the tea leaves to fill the central circle.

Step2. Amount of tea leaves – Make 1 circle of tea leaves.

Step3. Tea infusion – Place the tea leaves into the small teapot. Add and immediately pour out hot water to rinse the leaves. Again, add hot water to infuse the tea leaves. Collect the infusion in the large teapot. Repeat until you have collected 3 infusions. Now enjoy!


  1. Water temperature: Boiling water.
  2. Teapot materials: For glass or porcelain teapots, infusion time is 2 minutes. For purple clay teapots, infusion time is 1 minute.
  3. For premium jasmine green tea, the “rinse” step is not required. Infusion time is 30 seconds.