Liquorice Lemongrass Teabags

Liquorice Lemongrass Teabags

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18.00 SGD

20 teabags

Rock on into the weekend! Our Liquorice Lemongrass herbal infusion balances the natural sweetness of liquorice and lemongrass with a cardamom and ginger kick, and the subtle delicacy of nettle leaves. It’s packed with all-natural ingredients and naturally caffeine-free – perfect for when you fancy a bit of wholesome refreshment.

Contains 20 individually wrapped teabags.

Ingredients: 42% Lemongrass, 24% Liquorice Root, 15% Ginger, Nettle Leaves, 9% Cardamom

Contains Liquorice – people suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Gluten free.