LongAn Flower Tea

LongAn Flower Tea

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2g x 10 teabags

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Longan Flower Tea is caffeine-free, it is the gift to whomever who has an allergy to caffeine. 100% pure Longan Flower is used, no artificial sweeten added. The honey smell comes out when making the tea as if you are in the garden or mountains. You also can taste the Longan Berry aroma and enjoy the distinct honey taste.


LongAn Flower

Brewing Directions

Hot Brew: Put the teabag in the cup for 30 sec to 1 min and take it out before drinking. Do not steep for a long time; otherwise, it turns bitter and astringe.

Cold Brew: Not recommended.

Dlic Tea

Good tea is unforgettable and worthy of re-tasting.
Started to drink tea while little but had no interest. When getting older, suddenly realized that drinking tea is one of happiest thing in daily life and can be enjoyable.
Let us discover the beauty of Taiwan tea.

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