Loose Leaf Tea – Ametrine Assam

Loose Leaf Tea – Ametrine Assam

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25.85 SGD

75 g of Loose Leaf Tea in a metal canister

AMETRINE ASSAM black tea **10th Anniversary Blend**
Get 75g of Ametrine Assam loose leaf tea in a reusable canister. Each canister yields approximately 25 to 30 cups of tea.
From India’s Assam region, a bold, rich, full-bodied black tea results from elegant leaves with golden tips.


Black tea from India.

Brewing Directions

Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes in freshly boiled water.
Use Tea Infusers for convenient brewing.
HOT: Use 1 heaped tsp per 250ml.
ICED: Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & pour over ice when cool.
COLD BREW: Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & infuse in cold water while refrigerated for 4-8 hours.
Remove tea leaves after the recommended infusion duration and enjoy your tea.

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