Lovely Veggie Chips - Teriyaki BBQ

Lovely Veggie Chips – Teriyaki BBQ

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7.50 SGD

1 packet / 70g pouch

Our Veggies are doing the perfectly grilled tango to this gently spiced crunchy groove, and your taste buds will too. No dancing shoes required!

Specs – Vegan, GF, nutrient-dense, made from real vegetables, high fibre, upcycled from ugly produce, mission-driven.


Red Radish, Carrot, Green Radish, Okra, Shiitake Mushroom, Purple Sweet Potato, Teriyaki BBQ Spices, Rice Bran Oil, Maltose, Sea Salt.


Our lovely vegetables’ parade of color, award winning receipes and dense nutrients are cause for celebration. Our scrumptious veggie chips are upcyled from ugly produce, and they deliver on a powerhouse of taste and plant goodness. So grab a fistful of Confetti and ring in a new adventure!

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