Malawi Originale

Malawi Originale

All Tea & Coffee, Avanteas, Black Tea, STCF - Tea

15.00 SGD

75g pouch

Malawi Originale is rare crafted tea from Africa produced in Satemwa Tea Estate. It is made from a blend of different Malawian tea varieties known for their rich antioxidant content. This single estate black tea is produced with traditional orthodox techniques and refers back to the original handling and processing steps used by the founder of Satemwa McClean Kay in the 1930s. A good value for money broken orthodox tea made with passion and crafted with a sense for tradition.

Tasting notes: Baked apple aroma. Spicy scent and citrus fruit background.


2-3 leaves and a bud of Camelia Sinensis var. Sinensis

Brewing Directions

3 gr per cup: 90 C water for 2 – 3 minutes.