Mellow Stream Black Tea

Mellow Stream Black Tea

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T三∙醇美红茶 Mellow Stream Black Tea

When we tasted this tea, we realised that it was as mellow and fresh as the stream of youth, giving rise to its name. You will enjoy this Yingde black tea as it has a gentle sweetness to it.

This tea is a special blend created from a selection of the thirty four Ying Hong cultivars in the T3 farms, designed to be mildly sweet and moderately fragrant. It was created in collaboration with Professor Wang Dengliang of South China Agricultural University.

About Yingde Black Tea

Yingde produces some of China’s finest black tea since as far back as the Ming dynasty. Known as one of the top three black teas, it achieved global popularity when the British family served it at a royal banquet in 1963.