Melona Manpuku

Melona Manpuku

Roji Cha All Tea & Coffee, Green Tea, Roji Cha

17.98 SGD

15 Silken Sachets

Japanese Sencha with Honey Melon


Green Tea, Dried Melon, Marigold, Natural Flavourings

Brewing Directions

Steep 1 sachet for 150ml of water.

Brewing Temperature: 80°C

Brewing Time: 3 minutes


Roji Cha

Live in the present and fully savour the brew in hand. A playful whisk of tradition awaits.

Known for its innovative and exquisite tea blends, Gryphon® Tea Company established ROJI, a Japanese tea brand that aims to bring a fun, playful and modern twist to traditional Japanese teas. The brand introduces unique and interesting ingredients to its tea blends to complement and showcase the versatility of Japanese teas.

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