My Dutch 550

My Dutch 550

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120.00 SGD

My Dutch 550

All in one system for coffee or tea cold drip, makes 550ml of cold-brew tea.


1. Place the round filter paper in the bottom of the basket

2. Place the tea leaves on top.

3. Place another round filter paper on top of the tea leaves so that the water can be more evenly distributed.

4. Lower the basket gently into the MY DUTCH server, with the holder in place.

5. Fill up the tank with ice and water and cover the lid.

6. Adjust the clean drip valve so that the water comes out at the rate of 1 drop per second.

7. Place the tank on the holder to begin making your cold-brewed tea.

Materials: Glass, BPA Plastic


To be the go-to source for specialty coffee and tea used in premium locations as well as for common folks.

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