Mystical Assam (Copy)

Mystical Assam (Copy)

12.12, All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Teachers Day Special, The Hillcart Tales

9.60 SGD 13.71 SGD

14 teabags

Golden amber in concoction, Mystical Assam is a thick blend with deep undertones. It’s a rich, dark black tea with a unique malty taste. A black tea blend which energises with its unique aroma, creamy texture and sweet buttery overlay. Black tea is a great source for lowering cholesterol levels and has been known to work as an anti-inflammatory and also helps maintain normal blood pressure.


100% Assam Black Tea

Brewing Directions

Coaster seal rich flavours of muslin bags & contain a message to stir up your day! Pull the gathers to pop open the coaster. Place teabag in cup, pour hot water upto 90 degrees & steep for 03-05 mins. Enjoy the medley flavours!