Number 1

Number 1

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We named this Number 1, because even with every other product that we have produced – the taste from Number 1 is unparalleled. Blended with well over 10 ingredients, this is THE easy drinking product for kombucha newbies. This is the comfort drink that our founder Melissa likes to take as a night cap. The perfect foil to caloried desserts, Number 1 reminds you of that awesome breezy summer night.

Tasting notes: Peach, mango, strawberry, apple, raspberry, apricots, and plums

When to drink it: Morning and afternoon tea; and evenings. Days you don’t want dessert but sweet drinks.

Pairing: Cheeses and fruits.


Filtered water, live kombucha cultures, wildflower honey, blended green and black tea with real fruit bits.


Fizzicle Kombucha – Lift Your Life!

Started by Melissa Mak, founder of SG Fermentation Friends community, tea sommelier and blender, Head Judge of the first Asia Kombucha Brew-Off; Fizzicle Kombucha is the freshest and tastiest kombucha you can get!

Known as the Tea of Immortality, Kombucha has been consumed for centuries as a health drink! As our kombuchas are made with only honey, you are getting kombuchas designed and calibrated for your best health! Made especially bioavailable, our products are unpasteurized to ensure you get the probiotics.

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