Organic Lemon Balm

Organic Lemon Balm

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Organic Lemon Balm, by Aroma Farms

Product of Greece by Organic farm [from Ancient Olympia]

Lemon balm’s name alludes to its lemony aroma, in Greek its name is “bee herb” due to the preference bees show it. In ancient Greece it was dedicated to the goddess of hunting Artemis and its medicinal properties are known for more than 2000 years with references to its qualities from Dioscorides, Theophrastus but also from the roman Pliny. During medieval times it was believed to be a love charm, an elixir for longevity and a cure against headaches.

Benefits of Lemon Balm [consuming as tea]

~ relax, relief stress
~fight against insomnia,
~ improves memory, help in concentration, clears the mind;
antioxidant properties and helps the function of the heart, especially in cases of hypertension,
~ relieves digestive problems, catarrh, migraines and menstrual pains.
~ relieves acid reflux
~ caffeine-free

How to enjoy our Organic Lemon Balm as tea
~  1 teaspoon of dried lemon balm leaves,  steep in hot water for appx 10minutes.

Mixing Lemon Balm with other herbs
~ mix lemon balm with Greek Mountain tea, rosemary etc and enjoy them both hot or cold

Lemon Balm for Cooking 

Lemon balm has a sweet lemony taste and it can be used as a seasoning for soups, fish, mushrooms, poultry and meats especially as a marinade. Lemon balm can be combined with herbs such as mint, thyme, bay leaves and rosemary. 

Aroma Farms, a family-owned organic farm located in the village of Ancient Olympia, Greece. A small producer producing high quality organic herbs that are sustainable, care about the environment and practices all the traditional herbs farming. Ensuring that they play a part in reducing carbon footprint, all the organic herbs are hand harvested from the best part of the plant at their optimal time and are hand picked the best to give the best flavours and aromas to enjoy as a tea.

The organic farms works very closely with agronomist-researcher Dr. Theodoros Koutsos, ex head of the Section of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants in NAGREF and run regular analysis on their products in ELGO DEMETER and agricultural universities to ensure the excellent quality of our herbs.


Botana & Tea

Mediterranean wellness in everyday life

It all begins when we realise options for caffeine-free beverages are limited in most food places.

This is where we begin to explore the world of herbal tea / tisane tea and the Mediterranean wellness, which has been known to have given their people good health and longevity. Their diet is known to be high in vegetable, nutritionally balanced, full of colour, flavour and textures using lots of herbs and spices instead of salt in seasoning. It is also known that herbal infusions have been used for generations in Greece and the Mediterranean region as natural remedies to ease ailments and boost the immune system.

Greece being a Mediterranean country, is blessed with abundance of wild herbs, flowers that are rare and unique in its taste and potency, thanks to its mediterranean climate and geological formation.

In Botana&Tea, it is Mediterranean wellness in our daily life.

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