Organic Strong Fragrant Oolong Tea 有机浓香乌龙茶 (1 pack)

Organic Strong Fragrant Oolong Tea 有机浓香乌龙茶 (1 pack)

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4.80 SGD

8g x 1 pack | 8g x 5 packs | 8g x 30 packs | Canister (8g x 3 packs)

8g per pack

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A full-bodied tea with a comforting deep roasted aroma. Strong fragrant oolong tea is known for its unique profile, a mix of rich mellow, toasty with a sweet aftertaste.

Dry Leaf: Tight and twisted strands with golden tips like a dragonfly head
Aroma: Deep charcoal roasting
Tasting Notes: Rich mellow and sweet aftertaste

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, moisture and strong scents.

Ingredients: Oolong

Brewing Directions

Temperature: 90°C
Water: 250ml of water
Time: 2 – 3 minutes
Loose Leaf: 3g – 4g

It can be brewed around 2-3 times depending on your preference.

Yang Ding Dong

Yang Ding Dong is an organic private tea plantation in the high mountains located in the thick forest of Yunshuiyao, Nanjing, Fujian Province. The plantation has decades of history and commits itself to lead with example by promoting the original taste of oolong and black teas with organic farming methods. Our tea trees enjoy cloud and mist in the morning, soybean milk through the day, sip on spring water in the night and even listens to music for relaxation! We’re excited to have Jue Lian Pte Ltd to be our sole importer to bring our organic teas to the rest of the world, directly from the farm!

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