Oriental Beauty Tea - Xin Fu

Oriental Beauty Tea – Xin Fu

All Tea & Coffee, KJS Tea, Oolong

82.00 SGD

75g Can

Entry level. Soft and elegant honey fruity fragrance greeting us, like the sweet taste of first love with refreshing aftertaste.

This tea has natural fruity aroma and produces a sweet tasting brights-reddish orange tea liquor without some bitterness. Dried leaves of high quality should exhibit a pleasant aroma with leaf coloration of dark purple and brown tones with white hairs. it is the best representation of Taiwan’s Oolong Tea in the early days.

Brewing Directions
Hot Brew:
1) 8g/400ml at 90 degree boiled water
2) 1min; add 10 sec every new brew

Best Result: use glass or porcelain teapot / Gaibei

Note: The tea can be brewed more than 7 times (if instructions are followed)

Cold brew:
1) 8g/750ml room temperature water
2) room termperature for 3 hours & refrigerated for 5-12 hours