Osmanthus Oolong Tea (Tea Bag) 桂花烏龍

Osmanthus Oolong Tea (Tea Bag) 桂花烏龍

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Fragrant oolong infused in osmanthus flowers🌼

Fresh, green and high quality osmanthus oolong for those with refined taste 🌬️

Osmanthus tea is perfect for those who prefer low caffeine to lower blood pressure. Super indulgent! ✨

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Perfect mixture of Oolong tea with sweet Osmanthus. Osmanthus is rich in aroma substances and well-known herb that can improve skin, detoxify the body, the sweetness of sweet-scented Osmanthus blends into the tea flavour of oolong tea, giving it a unique flavour and never forget. 

Tea Taste: When oolong meets with Osmanthus, it’s sweet and impression. A touch of floral taste so much.

Fermentation Degree:  30%

Roasted Degree: 45%

Brewing Directions 

Take about 1 tea bag into your tea cup or pot, pour over hot water and wait for few minutes. Hot water – 85 C to 95C

Storage: Avoid high temperature and humid place

Content: 20 tea bags x 5g