OVP® WOKEN DRAGON®, Award-Winning Jasmine Oolong Tea

OVP® WOKEN DRAGON®, Award-Winning Jasmine Oolong Tea

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Sample-1 pouch | Gift Box of 8 pouches | 50g Tin

Bright and clear, this award-winning single origin tea displays a good bodied rounded taste that is pleasing and aromatic. This desirable quality is ensuring that the tea is well-conceived and processing of the leaf is done well.


100% natural Green Oolong Loose Tea Leaves and jasmine flowers

Brewing Directions

3g tea leaves, 160ml, 90°C, 3-min.

Or 5g tea leaves, 120ml, 90°C, 1st Brew 3-sec; 2nd-5th brew 5-sec.


Stylish Healthy Chinese Tea

OVP Tea, the finest quality brand of PuEr tea and other Chinese tea, was registered in Singapore in 2013 by Old Village Puer Pte Ltd. OVP provides memorable drinking experience with wide diverse distribution network, constantly introducing new and premium Chinese tea, promoting health benefits with thousands of year’s Chinese culture.
OVP believes that premium Pu-erh tea should be made affordable and easily enjoyed by everyone. So we compelled to research and produce biodegradable pyramid teabags using tea leaves from century-old ancient Arbor trees hand-picked during the Spring season. Today, OVP Tea is a new iconic souvenir made in Singapore.

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