Pure Blue Mallow Tea [Nourish-Glow]

Pure Blue Mallow Tea [Nourish-Glow]

Full Leaf MY, Herbal Tisane, Herbal Tisane old, Tea Type

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The all-rounder medicinal tea: Pure Blue Mallow TeašŸ’™

Pure Blue mallow tea is ideal for
– mouth and throat irritations by helping with cough.

-great for your digestive system as it helps with constipation.

-adds beautiful, natural and non-toxic colour to your food! (Nasi kerabu anyone!?)

Net weight:Ā 50g

Packaging:Ā Zip bag

Shelf Life:Ā 12 month

Product Origin:Ā China

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How to prepare?

A teaspoon of flower buds into your teacup and pour in boiling water. Steep for 5 mins.