Regular Range - White Peony Rose (Teabags)

Regular Range – White Peony Rose (Teabags)

All Tea & Coffee, Foveo, Mother's Day 2021

16.90 SGD

15 teabags

Ingredients: White Peony, Red Rose

Brewing Directions: 1 tea bag per 250ml of water

Marrying two lovely ingredients – White Peony and French Rose to create this heavenly and delightful tea blend that contain highest concentration of antioxidants among tea leaves for radiant complexion with many other great health enhancements.
Not forgetting about the mood-lifting effect which provides relaxation to help calm the mind and body.

White Peony is a true tea and minimally processed, consists of full body and floral hints that emphasize the delicate nature of white teas and are considered to be one of the most superior when it comes to quality. Adding red rose petals to uplift the fragrance of the tea and also adding on the potential benefits of roses.