Rhymba Hills ® Reevitalise

Rhymba Hills ® Reevitalise

All Tea & Coffee, Herbal Tisane, Herbal Tisane old

27.90 SGD

15 teabags x 2g

Natural Teas has been consumed for many decades by folks all over the world, particularly in Asia, both as spice and medicine.

Rhymba Hills® only supplies QUALITY, PURE and NATURAL products.

Rhymba Hills® boasts 100% natural tea which is ideal as a health drink or just a hot beverage
We source our tea from Northern part of Malaysia, which is the best place to grow plants in Malaysia (due to its fertile soil).

For those who prefer a milder version of our spicy Bentong Ginger, this blend will awaken your senses without being too overwhelming.

They work synergistically, powerfully, and effectively.

What is special about Rhymba Hills® Tea

• Each sachets is individually wrapped in aluminium foil to main freshness

• No Preservative

• 100% Natural

• Caffeine Free

• No Sugar

• No Additives

Health benefits of Reevitalise Tea

• Helps with Bloatedness

• Wind in the stomach

• Indigestion


Lemongrass, Bentong Ginger

Brewing Directions

Put a sachet in a mug. Pour freshly boiled water 200ml into mug. Cover it for 5 minutes. Each sachet maybe refilled up to 3 times. May add honey if prefer sweetness