Sakura Sencha Teabag (Copy)

Sakura Sencha Teabag (Copy)

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Enjoy a cup of Japanese spring all year long with this blend of organic Sencha tea leaves, cherry blossom petals, and floral aroma. The fruity scent and refreshing taste make an exquisite duet. Find your inner peace, and take a relaxing journey to a blooming sakura garden by indulging in a cup of this exquisite and refreshing tea. This tea comes in plastic-free teabags made from plant-based materials.


Japanese sencha green tea leaves, Cherry blossom petal, Flavoring

Brewing directions

Hot water (75℃) : 200 ml per cup *** 1. Infuse for 45-60 sec. 2. Brew for a slightly shorter (20 sec) and use hotter water for the second infusion. 3. The third infusion, use hotter water and brew shorter (10 sec) than for the second infusion.


Founded upon a deep love for Japanese green teas, CHILL TEA Tokyo is a premium tea brand celebrated for its fine brews. Using strictly leaves cultivated in the famous Yame and Shizuoka areas of Japan, the teas are nutrient-rich with an alluring aroma and strong umami flavor that is inimitable.

CHILL TEA Tokyo credits their teas’ smooth texture to a specially developed cultivation technique that works in harmony with the nature of their farms. The brand’s commitment to environmentally-friendly ways of production and the superior quality of teas created has allowed them to receive recognition in tea competitions of recent years.

With a large selection of teas available on Teapasar, try one out when you are in need for a chill time-out and be amazed by the wholesome refreshment they bring.

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