[sc] Endearment

[sc] Endearment

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2 Blooming Teas (Sample) | 8 Blooming Teas

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to give a gift of love. Say “I love you” with Endearment – our blooming tea collection which consists of four types of artfully hand-threaded blooming teas that slowly unfurl into a beautiful bouquet. Each tea bloom is handmade by skilled Chinese tea artisans.


Devotion: Green tea, jasmine, rose, marigold, rose essence

Desire: Green tea, carnation, lychee essence

Affection: Green tea, jasmine, globe amaranth, jasmine essence

Adoration: Green tea, jasmine, marigold, chrysanthemum, globe amaranth, peach essence

Brewing Direction

Water Temperature: 100°C

Water Volume: 500ml

Time: 5 minutes

Tea Quantity: 1 tea bloom