[sc] Roasted Oolong - Shou Fu

[sc] Roasted Oolong – Shou Fu


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Potent roasted flavor with rich layering taste, like a mature man both steady and charming.

This large-leaf varity grown here have rich milk aroma and high mountain tea taste. Affter 8 years of pilling and storing, the Roasted Oolong Tea has transformed into smooth sipping with the aroma of roast and without the dry throat feeling of roast. Dry tea leaves are in a beautiful round shape full of tea oil. After steeping, the tea brew is clear without impurities and bitterness. After a few sips, the tea heats up entire body that can be used for dailty body maintenance.

According to latest research, teaghrelin is the active compound in Qingxin Oolong that possesses anti-aging activity

Brewing Instructions
Hot Brew:
1) 8g/400ml at 100 degree boiled water
2) 1min 10 sec; add 10 sec every new brew

Best result: use clay teapot

Note: The tea can be brewed more than 7 times (if instructions are followed)

Cold brew:
1) 8g/750ml room temperature water
2) room termperature for 3 hours & refrigerated for 5-12 hours