Signature Tasting Kit 品鉴岩茶

Signature Tasting Kit 品鉴岩茶

CAMELLIA茗岩® Tea bar All Tea & Coffee, Camellia Teabar, Gift Sets

58.00 SGD

Blue | Red

Contains: 8.3g x 6 sachets

Teas included:

  • Scarlet Robe
  • Narcissus
  • Prem Cassia
  • House Orchid
  • Sparrow Tongue
  • Daphne Odora

Dimension: L38 x D6.5 x H9cm

Contains: 8.3g x 6 sachets

CAMELLIA茗岩® Tea bar

茗 /Míng/ fine tea
岩 /Yán/ rock, cliff

our roots

CAMELLIA茗岩® is a Singapore boutique tea retail and wholesaler that brings accessibility of premium tea. We started off in the heart in Katong, a residential neighborhood rich in heritage and history, strive to foster tea culture in the region. Our motto is to preserve orthodox craft which reveals the unique characteristics of every tea growth condition while adapting to our everyday lifestyle.

our philosophy

True to origin
True to value


We are specialized in Wuyi rock oolong, once a known imperial tribute tea, which is often being associated with ‘extravagance’, we rather perceive it as a benchmark for excellence. By sourcing directly from farms and keeping close ties with the craft inheritance masters, the standard of quality is ensured.

products and services

All of our loose leaf teas are thoughtfully grown, harvested and crafted strictly in Wuyi Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dedicated to enhancing biodiversity, and is reputable for its microclimates and mineral-rich volcanic soil.

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