Simple Beginning

Simple Beginning

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Double Wall Glass | Tea Glass

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Unique tea drinking with this heat proof tea glass or double wall glass!

Perfect for a new blooming tea starter. Also an ideal if you are looking for a simple gift for any occasion.

Teaware option:

Double Wall Glass 450ml

Tea Glass 400ml

Blooming Tea Flavours in Miniature Box:

(Assorted of any 3)

  • Courtesan’s Secret
  • Yellow Meadow
  • Tuscan Sun
  • Antoniette’s Love
  • Romeo Loves Juliet
  • My Fair Lady (Pineapple)
  • Pamela’s Peaches (Peach)
  • Antoinette’s Affair (Lychee)
  • Paris Rendezvous (Rose)
  • Apple Of His Eye (Apple)
  • Vanilla Fields (Vanilla)
  • Mango Boulevard (Mango)

Product Details:

Tea Glass 400ml

Double Wall Glass 450ml


Awarding winning Pétale Tea, a conscious Tea gifting brand, offers over 30 varieties of hand-sewn,  flowering teas that are made of organic Maofeng green tea  and dried flowers.

Meeting two of the UN’s SDGs, our minimalistic packaging design cuts down packaging waste & reduces its carbon footprint by 50%. We use natural & organic ingredients and these EU certified teas help to support a healthier lifestyle and are full of antioxidants and amino acids that boost the immune system, increasing the  body’s ability to safeguard itself from infections  and even calm mental anxiety. Pétale’s therapeutic and elegant teas are widely loved, offering a unique experience to clients and loved ones alike.

They are so pretty, they bring joy and visual excitement to any tea party. These gifts are sure to impress and perfect to bring smiles & happiness.


Give an experience. Gift Pétale.

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