Singapura Spice

Singapura Spice

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This feisty summer-picked green tea is a tribute to Singapore’s national treasure – its local food. Commonly used in Asian dishes like Chilli Crab, Malay fried chicken and curries; the curry leaf, or kadhi patta in Hindi, is incorporated into this unique blend to celebrate our multi-ethnic culinary paradise. Enriched with sweet basil, mint and a melodious ensemble of tropical fruits, Singapura Spice is flavourful with a mix of tropical fruits and a hint of spiciness.


Green tea, Lemon peels, Candied mango, Candied pineapple, Curry leaves, Lemongrass, Basil leaves, Peppermint leaves, Flavourings

Brewing Directions

Steep 1 sachet for 200ml of water.

Brewing Temperature: 90°C

Brewing Time: 5 minutes

Gryphon Tea Company

A premium tea drinking experience with every sip

Gryphon® Tea Company was founded with a mission to make high-quality teas accessible to discerning tea drinkers seeking new taste experiences. Each tea blend is crafted with exotic and experimental ingredients to bring out a unique and flavourful pedigree. Since its launch in 2006, the company quickly gained a following for its signature collection, The Artisan Selection.

Inspired by the success of its Artisan Selection, the company launched its Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling Teas in 2017. A first in Singapore, the teas are carefully cold brewed using award-winning Artisan Selection teas and are lightly sparkling with real fruit juices added.

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