Special Pandan Roll Cake

Special Pandan Roll Cake

Cakes & Pastry, Kele, Snacks, STCF - Food

10.90 SGD

One individual roll cake per matchstick box

All hail the Vanilla of Asia.
This fragrant roll cake promises a delicate burst of sweet Pandan taste and coconut creaminess. It makes for a mean, green and lean roll cake that will remind your tastebuds of home. Perfect for sharing with family and relatives.

Allergen notice: Roll cake contains dairy, egg & gluten. Suitable for vegetarians but not vegan-friendly. Not halal-certified, but no pork or lard was used during production.

Serving Instructions: Thaw for 5-10 mins before serving.

Storage instructions: We recommend to consume roll cake within the day of purchase to ensure freshness. However, it can be kept for 1 month with proper storage in the freezer at -10 deg.

*NOTE: Kele accepts no responsibility for the bad condition of our products due to improper storage and safekeeping after they are delivered or removed from our outlets or retail kiosks