Specialty Instant Coffee

Specialty Instant Coffee

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Our Specialty Instant Coffee tastes absolutely fantastic! Each pouch contains highest coffee qualities from Brazil: Ivan dos Santos. This coffee is sweet and creamy. Flavour Notes: Milk chocolate. Dates. Produced with high dosage and in compostable packaging. Perfect for those who don’t have a grinder at home!

With our Specialty Instant Coffee we found a great way of combining convenience and quality – all in a sustainable way. Produced in small batches with compostable packaging, you are skipping waste-driven capsules. All you need is hot water and a cup.

Brew Guide

We recommend brewing at a temperature close to 80°C. That keeps all its delicate flavours intact – plus you can enjoy your coffee immediately at drinking temperature. Each sachet can be used for either 2 cups of 5oz / 160ml or one large mug. Pour your coffee powder into your cup first, then pour water over it and stir.

When compared to a hand-brew roast you will notice the instant brew is darker – the reason is that the Instant Coffee was produced with a high dose: From 1kg of roasted beans we produce less sachets than we would produce double shots on our espresso machine.

We find that the cup profile is best to compared to a Long Black: A big body with sweet and clean flavours. The softened acidity means that the Instant takes milk well, but we think it’s most delicious without.