Sprouted Cashews Salted Caramel

Sprouted Cashews Salted Caramel

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3.50 SGD7.00 SGD

50g | 150g

70g or 150g

Taste like yummy popcorn! Guilt free indulgence!


Sprouted Cashews, Caramel Syrup, Brown Sugar, Pink Himalayan Salt, Cinnamon Powder, Vanilla Essence




With love, Gretel

Fueled by a core mission to ingrain sprouted nuts into our daily lives, Gretel is a wellness brand from Singapore that advocates for socially and environmentally conscious ways of production.

As a brand, we are confident in guaranteeing the freshness, flavour, appearance and quality of each pack as our yummy snacks are all produced in small batches at world-class facilities — always delivering that satisfying crunch with every taste.

Prioritising your health above all, we source only premium ingredients from chemical and GMO-free farms that are good for you. The sprouted cashews used in our recipes have lower levels of phytic acid in them; resulting in easier digestion and a higher absorption rate of nutrients and minerals.

Determined to prove that healthy snacks don’t have to be boringly bland, Gretel seeks to make healthy eating enjoyable with zero compromises made to its nutritional content and taste.

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