Strawberry Rooibos Tea with Hibiscus Teabag (Copy)

Strawberry Rooibos Tea with Hibiscus Teabag (Copy)

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27.00 SGD

8 teabags

Enjoy this blend of Rooibos tea leaves and hibiscus petals with hints of strawberry flavoring. The flavors of Rooibos are carefully balanced by the sweet notes of strawberries, creating a wonderfully decadent and refreshing cup of tea. Naturally caffeine-free, our Rooibos Tea is the perfect alternative for those who want to cut down their caffeine intake. This tea comes in plastic-free teabags made from plant-based materials.


Rooibos tea, Hibiscus, Strawberry flavoring

Brewing directions

Hot water (75℃) : 200 ml per cup *** 1. Infuse for 45-60 sec.


Founded upon a deep love for Japanese green teas, CHILL TEA Tokyo is a premium tea brand celebrated for its fine brews. Using strictly leaves cultivated in the famous Yame and Shizuoka areas of Japan, the teas are nutrient-rich with an alluring aroma and strong umami flavor that is inimitable.

CHILL TEA Tokyo credits their teas’ smooth texture to a specially developed cultivation technique that works in harmony with the nature of their farms. The brand’s commitment to environmentally-friendly ways of production and the superior quality of teas created has allowed them to receive recognition in tea competitions of recent years.

With a large selection of teas available on Teapasar, try one out when you are in need for a chill time-out and be amazed by the wholesome refreshment they bring.

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