Tall Glass Teapot

Tall Glass Teapot

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We had this glass teapot custom-made to serve as the perfect vessel to showcase our blooming teas. The removable strainer also makes it suitable for brewing other loose leaf teas.

Made of hand-blown, high grade borosilicate glass, it is able to withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Celsius, is durable and easy to clean.

Material: Borosilicate glass, stainless steel

Dimensions: 18cm x 8cm x 19cm

Capacity: 600ml

Kindred Teas

Fostering relationships; bringing you closer to the people you share it with.

Our travels have taken us from the metropolitan city of London, to the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. However, what makes these experiences so much more special is that we have been able to share it with the people we travel with and have met along the way. Wherever we go, we always make time to sit down for a cup of tea and recollect the best moments from our journey.

Kindred Teas is inspired by these precious moments. We believe that tea can foster relationships; bringing you closer to the people you share it with. Our mission is to bring you quality teas from around the world, so that you can create these moments with those that matter most, or simply savour during some quiet time alone.

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