Tangerine Pu'eR Xiao Qing Gan - 小青甘 (Copy)

Tangerine Pu’eR Xiao Qing Gan – 小青甘 (Copy)

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Fondly known as Xiao Chi Gan, this interesting combination of Pu’er tea from Meng Hai, Bulang Mountain is a modern pairing of dried aged tangerine with Pu’er tea like ice lemon tea. This Pu’er tea has been aged for 5 years.

This tea has a strong citrus fragrance which balances well with the Shu Pu’er adding a nice acidity to the woody base Pu’er.

The result is a refreshing tea that can be brewed hot or chilled for the hot summers.

Packed in 10 pieces per caddy, each tangerine weighs around 10g.

Recommended brew at 200ml water 95 C per tangerine for 20~30s.