Tea Connoisseur Press Art Tea Pot

Tea Connoisseur Press Art Tea Pot

Tea Cottage, Teaware

18.90 SGD

It’s easy to do Kung Fu style brewing anywhere with this pot! The manually blown mould of the outer tea cup creates an uniquely each and individual tea art. An auto-open lid of sealed designed to preserve the tea fragrance. It has an integrated structure of the tea pot which do not have to remove the inner pot when pouring to another cup. Interlock of the inner pot to secure it with a press vale water controlling button.

Can be use at home or office., easy to clean after use.

1) Use the teaspoon to put loose leaves into the inner pot.
2) Add boiling water & cover the lid.
3) Press the red button to drain down the tea.
4) Pour to drinking cup & it’s ready to serve!

Width : 5.5″
Height : 4.7″
Capacity : 500ml