Tea Gift Set-Honey Scented Black Tea & Classic Oolong

Tea Gift Set-Honey Scented Black Tea & Classic Oolong

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Tea gift set- Honey Scented Black Tea and Classic Alishan Oolong Tea.
Charming tea Incense, it has aroma of honey, flowers and fruits.
After-taste is sweet.

Tea as gift, give your friends / beloved your favorite Taiwanese tea as the friendship / relationship will be lasting. Tea can be preserved for a long time, the aroma of tea changes as the years going. It is just like relationship / friendship can last forever.

The design of gift box contains Taiwan element: forests, mountains and iron window grills. In Taiwan more than 60% area is covered by forests and mountains; hence, it generates different aromas of tea. Iron window grills is unique technique in Taiwan, made by hands. By using different combination of pattern of iron window grills, it can portray beautiful scenery.

Alishan, Ali Mountain (Altitude: 1000m-1700m) is a famous place to plant and nourish tea where it is covered by mist more than half a day. Because of the altitude and the weather, cool temperature slows down bush’s growth, causing smaller and thicker leaf which also preserve the nutrients and making unique flavor of tea.

Classic Alishan Oolong:

Dry Tea: Ball type dark green;

Tea Liquid Color: Golden;

Tea Incense: honey, flower and fruit.

After-taste: sweet.

Honey Scented Black Tea

Dry Tea: ball-shaped type, dark brown;

Tea Liquid Color: dark red Tea

Incense: agarwood, honey, flowers and berries.

After Taste: sweet

Box Size

H 19cm x W 8 cm x L 21.2cm


Drink it as soon as possible and please keep away from sunlight and humid environment.

Let’s make tea together !

~Hot Brew:

  • Tea Amount: For tight ball shape tea leaves, please fill the cup / tea pot with tea leaves which cover one fifth of the cup/tea pot.
  • Water Temperature: 85-95degree Celsius
  • Time:
  • First steep : 80 sec, the most aromatic.
  • Second steep : 40 sec, rich flavor.
  • Third steep : Increase 30 sec from third steep on.

~Cold Brew:

  • Tea Amount:
  • Put tea leaves into the bottle which contains 90% water. 100cc water: 2g tea leaves
  • Water Temperature: Cold or room temperature water
  • Time: Avoid sunlight and put it indoors or in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.

Dlic Tea

Good tea is unforgettable and worthy of re-tasting.
Started to drink tea while little but had no interest. When getting older, suddenly realized that drinking tea is one of happiest thing in daily life and can be enjoyable.
Let us discover the beauty of Taiwan tea.

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