Tea Pods - Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

Tea Pods – Nespresso® Compatible Tea Capsules

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Earl Grey - 12 Tea Pods | Peach Green - 12 Tea Pods | Assorted - 6 Earl Grey, 6 Peach Green (Total 12 Tea Pods) | Chamomile Lavender - 12 Tea Pods | Assorted - 4 Peach Green, 4 Earl Grey, 4 Chamomile Lavender (Total 12 Tea Pods) | Refill Pack - 12 Tea Pods | Refill Pack - 16 Tea Pods

Say hello to our latest product: TEA PODS!

Our pods are 100% compostable and fully compatible with Nespresso® machines. Now, whether you are a tea enthusiast, a casual tea drink or even a coffee lover – you will have something just right!

Tea Pods come in 3 different box set. Earl Grey (12 teapods), Peach Green (12 teapods), Assorted (6 Earl Grey, 6 Peach Green)


EARL GREY – Black tea, cornflower, bergamot, organic orange and citrus peels.
PEACH GREEN – Green tea, rooibos, cinnamon, safflower, vanilla, hibiscus and natural flavouring.

Brewing Directions

To brew up to one Lungo (110mL), it only takes 22-seconds. To fill a full 7.4 oz. cup,  press the Lungo button again using the same Tea Pod.

Refill Packs Available

Please email your desired flavour and quantity to contact@teapasar after purchase. If no specific flavour and quantity is indicated, equal amounts of all flavours will be sent.

Amuse Projects

One inspiration at a time

“Tea inspires, Inspired teas .” – A.muse Projects

The thing that most sets BREW apart from other specialty tea labels is its Inspired range of teas. BREW currently has three collections of Inspired teas – alcohol-inspired teas, coffee-inspired teas and wine-inspired teas. The alcohol-inspired collection comes in four alcohol-free blends that subtly recreate the flavours of Rose Moscato, Sangria Punch and a few others, while java lovers will take to coffee-inspired options such as dark chocolate mocha tea and caramel macchiato tea and wine lovers can look to wine-inspired blends such as Riesling, Sauvignon and Merlot.

BREW aims to allow tea lovers to have the best of all worlds where tea serves as a palette upon which the different worlds collide. They bring together the soothing qualities of tea and its much-celebrated flavors, from cocktails to coffee, to create the most unforgettable blends one will ever know. Single-estate teas are also available.

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