Tea Sommelier Book by Australian Tea Masters

Tea Sommelier Book by Australian Tea Masters

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Begin your journey in the world of tea.

Purchase the very first edition of the Course in Tea Sommelier handbook. This book is intended to be the primary resource for students who are participating in the fully certified Tea Sommelier Course, but has been written with all people in mind. This book will aid and enrich the studies of those interested in tea.

This book was written with our love and dedication to tea, to share our knowledge with the world.


Included information:

  • The history of tea in a wide variety of countries
  • The tea plant, its cultivars, varietals, terroir, and harvest
  • Detailed explanations of the different tea types
  • Tea grading
  • The many methods of processing tea
  • The most effective methods of storage for tea
  • Effective and elegant tea service
  • An example tea menu
  • The different tools involved in tea drinking, including the gaiwan and the yixing teapot
  • Unique varieties of tea, such as chai and matcha
  • Alternate brew methods
  • A guide to tea tasting
  • The different areas of the tea trade
  • A basic guide on how to grow and process your own tea
  • The health effects of tea drinking
  • A primer on different tea services, including the Chinese tea ceremony, the Japanese tea ceremony, the Korean tea ceremony, and British afternoon tea. Specifically, this includes detailed instructions on the exact performance of both the Chinese tea ceremony and British afternoon tea
  • A detailed index of almost 50 of the world’s most renowned teas, including flavours, aromas, brewing instructions, general information, and locations produced. These teas have been hand-selected and cover the six different tea types: white, green, yellow, oolong, black, and puerh. Countries of origin include China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Australia, Nepal, and New Zealand.