The Purest Assam - Tesoro Del Te (Copy)

The Purest Assam – Tesoro Del Te (Copy)

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Tesoro Del Te Tin | 2 tea bag sample

2 or 15 premium quality bio-degradable tea bags

A taste of white gold from the pristine Assam valley in eastern India. The youngest leaves are picked by hand and then dried in the shade to create this delicate and balanced elixir. Enjoy the floral flavour with notes of citrus and honey while you sit back with a good book or relax in your garden.

Handmade with love by the local farmers of Upper Assam.

Organic single estate silver needle tea

Caffeine level
Very low

Brewing temperature
75-80°Celsius 167-176°Fahrenheit

Brewing time
Teacup: 2 mins
Teapot: 3-4 mins

Haflong Tea

Associated with highly experienced tea blenders and gardens that boast of a 100-year old legacy, Haflong Tea sources the highest quality teas and curates fascinating blends for different kinds of audiences. One of the favourites is the gardens of Assam, the second largest tea producing region in the world. The name Haflong Tea also traces its origins to the magical essence of Haflong Hills and the pristine tea estates of Assam. Today this premium lifestyle brand has been launched in Singapore with 5 collections comprising 10 variations of tea. From traditional tea to contemporary blends, everyone can have a pick of their choice.

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