The Scottish Fold - Scottish Morning Tea Tin

The Scottish Fold – Scottish Morning Tea Tin

Kittea All Tea & Coffee, Black Tea, Kittea, Teachers Day Special

8.00 SGD

20g Loose Leaf Tin

Wholesome and cultivated, The Scottish Fold has a roundness to her that makes her easy to live with. Born and bred where the air is fresh and the soil is fertile, she’s a timeless blend of rich China, mellow Ceylon and malty Assam for a robust cup of sunshine.


Assam, Ceylon and Chinese Black Teas

Brewing Directions

Bring water to a full boil (100°C)

Add 1 rounded teaspoonful.

Steep for 3-5 mins.


Founded in 2016 from a Singaporean girl’s love for tea & cats, Kittea creates gourmet tea blends with flavours inspired by cats from around the world. From the exotic spicy zing of The Siamese, to a hearty afternoon blend of The British Shorthair, find your next new purrfect sip with Kittea’s best-selling loose leaf tea tins, gift boxes and teabags – all blended with zero preservatives and artificial flavourings.

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