The Sphynx - Valentine's Day Tea Tin

The Sphynx – Valentine’s Day Tea Tin

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8.00 SGD

20g Loose Leaf Tin

Fall head over heels with the highly affectionate Sphynx. He may not be the best looker, but his fragrant blend of Ceylon black tea sprinkled with rose petals, pink heath flowers and French rosebuds is one to sweep you off your feet.


Ceylon Black Tea, Rose Petals, Pink Heath Flowers, French Rosebuds

Brewing Directions

Bring water to a full boil (100°C)

Add 1 rounded teaspoonful.

Steep for 3-5 mins.


Founded in 2016 from a Singaporean girl’s love for tea & cats, Kittea creates gourmet tea blends with flavours inspired by cats from around the world. From the exotic spicy zing of The Siamese, to a hearty afternoon blend of The British Shorthair, find your next new purrfect sip with Kittea’s best-selling loose leaf tea tins, gift boxes and teabags – all blended with zero preservatives and artificial flavourings.

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