The Tea Story Classic Blends Assorted Tea Box

The Tea Story Classic Blends Assorted Tea Box

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19.00 SGD

15 teabags

White Jasmine: Anyone say “Nirvana”? Yes, achieve it today with this fresh, aromatic and delicate blend of pure green tea and jasmine pearls. Sit back, relax and start sipping! Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers, Natural Flavouring

Royal Earl Grey: True to its name, this exceptional blend infused with pure bergamot oil and the grey blue petals, is a royal treat to your senses. Ingredients: Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavouring

Golden Breakfast: The perfect beginning to your mornings! Hand-plucked and twisted, the gold-tipped leaves serve as the finest blend of full bodied flavours and subtle sweetness. Ingredients: Black Tea Blend

Each Tea Box consists of 15 luxury pyramid teabags with 5 luxury pyramid teabags of each flavour.

Hot Brew Tea Steeping Guide:
– Place 1 Tea Story’s luxury tea bag in your favorite cup or mug.
– Bring water to a rolling boil & immediately pour over your Tea Story’s luxury tea bag.
– Steep for a good 3 to 5 minutes.

Iced Brew Tea (Single Serve) Guide:
– Bring one cup of fresh water to a rolling boil.
– Add 1 or 2 Tea Story’s luxury tea bag & steep for 5 to 7 minutes. The longer you steep, the stronger the flavor.
– Pour brewed tea into a glass filled with ice & enjoy sipping!

Iced Brew Tea (Pitcher Perfect) Guide:
– Fill a quarter pitcher with cold tap water & let it stand at room temperature or in the refrigerator
– Place in 1 or 2 Tea Story’s luxury tea bag to the pitcher and leave it for 6 to 8 hours or even overnight!
– Beat the heat & pour the teas into ice-filled glasses when serving!

Tips: Add in 1 tablespoon of honey to any of the brewing guides for an extra oomph! Sit Back, Sip & Relax

The Tea Story

Indulge in the ultimate tea experience with our exotic blends exclusively handcrafted in Singapore!

The Tea Story is an exceptionally luxurious tea brand recognised globally for our exquisite range of organic loose leaf teas. The ultimate tea experience is redefined through the finest selections of hand-picked tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant that are fanned with pristine air and nurtured by the expertise of purist farmers who tend to pluck with great precision just for you.

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