Treasure Red Tea

Treasure Red Tea

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50g Tin | 150g Tin | 50g Twin Set | 150g Twin Set

Treasure Red Tea is a blend of Qing Xin & Tsui Yu varietal, has a rich fragrance, refreshing sweetness taste with International Organic Tea certificates.

Our Treasure Red Tea leaf is semi-ball rolled style, the liquor is bright red with a fruity & a floral aroma.

Proccesing: Medium Oxidation


  • Energizing
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Antioxidants
  • Improving Immune System

Infuse Suggestion:

5g tea leaf with 200ml 90 °C water

1-3 mins, enjoy your tea.

Note: Keep Treasure Red Tea away from air, heat, moisture and store the tea in a dark, cool and dry place.

Blyss Tea

Our company’s mission to create Blyss Organic Tea brand is to provide healthy, natural, high-quality organic tea. The vision of Blyss Organic Tea brand is to share our healthy, natural and high-quality organic tea to tea lovers all over the world.

Our company has invested a lot of money for the Blyss Organic Tea brand. Due to the unique properties of organic tea – pure natural tea, in order to ensure the original fragrance and quality of the tea during storage, all of our packagings uses strong air barrier properties. Anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof packaging.

Our organic teas are a friendly crop that does not harm the land. Therefore, our packaging materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, and we hope to make a small contribution to the protection of the earth.

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