White Horse Peak Yellow Buds - 白马尖黄芽 (Copy)

White Horse Peak Yellow Buds – 白马尖黄芽 (Copy)

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It’s been said that Anhui is known for its three Huang (黄), mainly Huangshan (黄山) , Huang Ya (黄芽) and Huang Mei Xi (黄梅戏), referring to one of famous mainstream opera in China.

Huoshan Huang Ya (霍山黄芽) is the common name of the yellow tea produced in Anhui but the main authentic Huang Ya skills are difficult to learn and only a handful of tea masters are able to produce such tea. As a result, most of the yellow teas sold in Anhui are actually green tea with additional process into looking yellow.

Bai Mai Jian is still one of the hidden places that makes yellow tea in the traditional method.

Traditionally this tea is one of the Imperial tribute to the Royal family. Yellow tea is the only process of tea that’s produced in China. One of the main reason is the process of sweltering (闷黄). This process is what gives this tea its yellowish hue and lose the greenness of green tea but in return, the tea becomes stable, heavy and juicy. The astringency of the usual green tea is also replaced by the signature chestnut aroma of yellow teas.

Sweetness of yellow flowers such as jasmine, the nutty savoury that reminds of cashew nuts, rice starch and pandan leaves

Packed in 50g loose in tea caddy