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Chocolate could be your cup of tea. Literally.

This post was guest written by Benns Chocolates. When discussing the various types of chocolatey drinks, you’ll probably hear the mention of hot chocolate, chocolate milkshakes or even chocolate coffee. But have you heard of chocolate tea? Turns out, a clean soothing warm cup of tea that tastes like a ...

Brand Spotlight: Benns Chocolate

Chocolate lovers, have you heard of cacao tea? If you haven’t, you’ll be happy to hear about Benns - a local bean-to-bar chocolate company that also offers cacao tea. The teapasar team sat down with the Benns team recently, to find out more about their company and the true origins ...

Brand Spotlight: SUCRE

Founded in 2013, SUCRE (pronounced "suk") is known not just for their fine teas, but also for their artisanal foods. Curious to find out more about their brand, we caught up with Edmund from SUCRE for a chat about their brand, and how you can develop your taste palate. I ...