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teapasar Reads: Our book recommendation to keep you WOKE

Today, it’s difficult to go through a day without reading about political stressors, social rights injustices, humanitarian crises, and of course - the pandemic. Whatever your stance may be, the following books highlight various perspectives of important discourses, in an easily digestible manner so we’re not lost after the first ...

TEA-RAPY READ: A Guide On How To Socialise again

For the introvert who requires a lot of time alone to regain energy, the previous months of limited social interaction during the early circuit breaker has been like a respite of sorts, ridding us of the awkwardness of desynchronized face-to-face conversations and the attendant withering regret that will haunt us ...

3 Must-have Teas for the Office

You may not know this, but tea is an excellent drink to help you stay focused. The tea leaf contains both caffeine - which keeps you alert, and theanine - which makes you relaxed. These two components come together to create a state of calm, focused alertness, which is ideal ...