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TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: Esora Restaurant
December 29, 2020

TEA IS FOR TRAVEL: Esora Restaurant

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WHERE: Esora Restaurant, Singapore

Nestled inside a heritage shophouse, Esora Restaurant is a Japanese kappo-style fine dining restaurant. Translated to mean “cut and cook”, the Kappo affair comprises the chef concocting a multi-course meal in front of diners for them to witness and admire an intimate culinary process.

Furnished with pale minimalist decor and blonde wood finishings reminiscent of Japanese paper screen doors, patrons can immerse themselves in the modern Zen of this quaint setting.

Chef-owner Shigeru Koizumi’s forte resides in his intimate attention to detail – with a distinctively light palate, his cooking techniques often deliver a deep sense of tranquillity and relaxation to his diners.


Bask in the ultimate Esora experience with the most comforting food on their menu: the ochazuke – a simple dish featuring a bowl of steamed rice partially steeped in hot tea or savoury dashi. Usually served as a heartening end to a meal, this Japanese classic is well-loved and thoughtfully prepared at Esora.

Pictured below is Chef Koizumi’s signature seasonal ochazuke — tasty grilled horse mackerel over warm Japanese rice, topped off with hot broth.

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True to its promise of delivering a heartwarming dining experience, Esora provides a tea-pairing programme, which is the first of its kind in Singapore. The unique blends are personally hand-picked by Chef Koizumi, who perfects the brews that complement each meal seamlessly.


So if you are feeling up for a fresh new experience this weekend, treat yourself to a moment of serenity and elevate your palates and minds with Esora’s exceptional cuisine and novel tea.

Image credits: Esora Restaurant’s Instagram 

Address: 15 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238964

Operation hours: Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, 6 pm – 10.30 pm

Contact: +65 6365 1266